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ASDAN! We returned with honour!


ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图1)

After several busy weeks preparing for Thanksgiving and the ASDAN Business Simulation Competition, it has been nice getting back into a regular routine of teaching and learning.  The 10th and 11th graders proved that taking part in community and regional project-based learning activities can be valuable motivators for learning.  These year-groups have brought a noticeable enthusiasm to classes this past week.

Lets share all of the great learning experiences that take place both in and outside of our classroom, and see whats happening after stage.

Mathematics with Mr. Guo

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图2)

The 11th Graders have been working  on graphing Trigonometric Functions and solving Trigonometric Equations for two weeks. They learned the parent graphs of sine, cosine and tangent functions and tried to change the amplitude, frequency and period of these functions. They discovered that periodic behaviors could be modelled by trigonometric functions.

Grade 10 students continued their unit on Exponential and Logarithmic functions. We graphed both functions and discussed the domain, range, asymptote, minimum/maximum,  vertical shift and phase shit of the functions. We looked at the application of Exponential and Logarithmic modelling, and discussed the methods of solving exponential and logarithmic equations.

Grade 9 students discovered three conditions to prove similar triangles and tried to use similarity to find indirect measurements. We also learned several Geometric Theorems related to similar triangles and discussed Golden ration and Fibonacci Sequence. They enjoyed the activity of searching for the "Golden" person.

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图3)

 2 - The "Golden" Hand

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图4)

3 - Searching for the "Golden Body"

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图5)

4 - Searching for the "Golden Face"

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图6)

 5 - Searching for the "Golden Face"

English Language Arts with Ms. Jia and Ms. Jenn

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图7)

Thanksgiving already seems like a distant memory as we continue our study of language and literature. This week, 9th grade had an opportunity to debate whether juveniles who commit murder deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Tenth grade spent the week preparing to give persuasive speeches to the class. And in 11th grade, we spent some time discussing similarities and differences between popular fiction, folk fiction, and literary fiction, as well as the pros and cons of each genre and their importance to the cultural conversation. In the next two weeks, we'll be completing the content for Unit 2. After we return from the holiday break, students will focus on a unit assessment and spend a week in Writer's Workshop. 

Physical and Health Education with Coach Faamamafa

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图8)

This week we develop frisbee skills and have a little tournament between three groups. The students gets to pass the frisbee around before they play- Working on how to throw and how to catch it. After that they compete two points and the the group that lost the overall did 20 push ups and 20 squats. They we also play team work using handball they need to hit the target on the other side and make sure they working on defence to protect their target from getting hit by the ball. It was tiring because it's included running and defence the whole time but overall the students were having fun and develop their team work and communication.

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图9)
ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图10)
ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图11)
ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图12)

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图13)
ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图14)

Physics with Mr. Kytle

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图15)


This week the students are continuing to enhance their understanding of the four fundamental forces that are the bedrock of the universe as we know it. This week we are focusing on the Electromagnetic Force. The students are examining magnetic fields and discovering how they work, how they benefit us, and how we have and continue to utilize them in our daily lives. On Friday, the students will have an opportunity to work with metal fillings and magnets to visually inspect what a magnetic field looks like under different conditions.

Chinese Studies with Mr. Zhan

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图16)

This week, grade 9 students learned two novels, Lu Xun's hometown and Maupassant's my uncle jules. The two novels are different in theme and style. But the students found one thing in common when they were studying - there were "Teenagers" in both novels. We have explored the image of "Youth" in the novel and its role in the text. It has to be said that in the inquiry learning environment, students' thinking can be more activated and their vision is more unique.

Chemistry with Ms. Jiajia 

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图17)

In these two weeks, Grade 11 students continued to learn shapes of  molecules, polar & non-polar, resonance & formal charge, metallic bonding and alloys, giant structure and electron domain geometry & molecular structure geometry.

Meanwhile, students explored the properties of dry ice- solid carbon dioxide. They enjoyed the activities and celebrated for their chemistry thanksgiving. Besides they built Buckminsterfullerene model of C60 to describe giant structure.

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图18)

 6 - Students were building their buckyball

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图19)

7 - Students were building their buckyball

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图20)

 8 - CO2 exploration1

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图21)

 9 - CO2 exploration 2

Humanities with Ms. Brauer

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图22)

This week and last have been presentation weeks for all our geographers!

Grade 11 AP students chose a country at random which ended up being Kenya, Iraq, and Thailand and analyzed a range of development data. Next, they stepped into a consultant role, identifying the most pressing needs in each country. Then they completed a real UN proposal used to apply for $5,000 grants, to fund a development project of their own design.

Our Grade 9 geographers have been studying aquatic ecosystems, so their presentations were focused on teaching each other about the complex natural systems that can be found in rivers, lakes, and in the open and deep ocean.

And in World History, our Grade 10 + 11 historians have been evaluating a range of both primary and secondary sources this week, to figure out why the Abbasid Empire was important and what it was like to live in the Middle East during the Middle Ages. 

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图23)ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图24)

Chinese Language with Ms. Zheng

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图25)ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图26)ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图27)

The debate can "Understand the similarities and differences, investigate the false and reality, deal with the interests, and determine the suspicion". This week, the students of G10 applied what they learned, quoted the classics, and saw the extraordinary in the ordinary, presenting a wonderful class debate on "the human nature of good" or "the human nature of evil". The students applied the Chinese ancient culture and thoughts, combined with typical examples and their own life experience, conducted in-depth discussion and Exploration on human nature. They were also inspired by how to "Interact with people". As a summary report project of unit 2, they handed in a full score answer paper.

This week, the G11 students of AP Chinese took a summary test of phrases and sentences. Through the examination, they reviewed what they have learned, fingered out the omissions and made up for the deficiencies, summarize and reflect on the knowledge involved in the test questions, and found the existing problems and deficiencies to be corrected. Next, we will combine the test content to explain and train the two important templates of reading and writing.

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图28)

After missing some art lessons last week due to our Thanksgiving celeberations, the students were able to get back to their art assignments.

The Blue Tie 9th graders are applying their skills to practices.  Several of the students have started their finals.  The students have two weeks to develop these watercolor painting.

The Green and Red Tie students are bit behind with several students taking extra care to learn the materials and get good drawings before starting their final paintings.  Students should be reminded that the finals should demonstrate what they've researched with the precisionist art movement and compositional studies.  They should also remember that the finals should reflect something that is personal to them.

All students will submit their bi-weekly sketchbook assignment, which should address this week's prompt: to look so close at an object that it becomes abstract.  Cropping will be very important.  Students are also reminded that top scores go to those who explore various art materials.  Students are welcome to borrow from the art room if they do not want to invest in their own materials.

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图29)      

   10 - Blue Tie Tracy finishing her watercolor 

    ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图30)

 11 - Blue Tie Eden finishing his watercolor


ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图31)        

12 - Green Tie Jay explores the limits of watercolor before beginning his final.

  ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图32)

   13 - Red Tie Max demonstrates the grid strategy of drawing and painting.


University Guidance with Ms. Du

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图33)

In this week's entrance guidance course, my students and me made looked back upon the ASDAN simulation business competition. After less than two weeks of preparation, grade 10 and grade 11 students have achieved excellent results in the simulation business competition. Congratulations! In this lesson, I showed the video of the champion team and analyzed their speech skills and language expression. In addition, the students of Grade 11 also summarized the experience of business operation. We believe they can get better results next year!

ASDAN! We returned with honour!(图34)

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