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Dongjiang, Laoshan District, China


International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC): Grades 7-9


In the International Department of Secondary, we adopt the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) and combine it with the Chinese regulated national curriculum.  The IMYC is a challenging, engaging, concept-focused curriculum designed specifically for the unique learning needs of 11-14 years olds in lower secondary or the middle years. It is not just a curriculum or a set of resources-it is a philosophy, pedagogy and process. The IMYC was designed around the unique needs of the maturing adolescent brain and five key needs of students in this age group.  


The IMYC provides tasks teachers can use to help the students reach the learning goals for the following subjects: English Language Arts, Science, History, Geography Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education, ICT and Computing.


The learning goals of the International Middle Years Curriculum outline the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed across all subjects as well as developing personal dispositions and becoming more international-minded.  Each IMYC unit has a theme and involves six weeks of learning based around a"Big Idea",which aims to help students in every year group to achieve coherence and connection within their subjects.


The full range of units includes:  adaptability, balance, belief, celebration, challenge, collaboration, communication, community, competition, consequences, courage, creativity, curiosity, development, discovery, entrepreneurship, identity, interpretation, justice, leadership, reflection, relationship, renewal, resilience, resolution, respect, responsibility, risk, structures, and tradition.  


The Big Idea challenges students to think beyond a topic by elevating the theme to broader, conceptual thinking, and making connections back to each of the IMYC subjects.  This rich, engaging program prepares Baishan students for academic success and leadership in high school and beyond.