Baishan School

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Dongjiang, Laoshan District, China


Montessori Early Childhood Program (Ages 2.5-6)


The Montessori program at Baishan School is a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS), one of the premier Montessori organizations in the world.  Early Childhood students are led by credentialed, co-lead teachers—one Chinese and one foreigner.  Students are immersed in this dual-language model while being guided to develop skills in five curricular areas:  Language, Mathematics, Cultural (Science, Social Studies, Arts), Practical Life, and Sensorial.  The program is designed to inspire a love of learning, while developing independence, concentration, grace, and courtesy.  This is achieved by allowing children to explore the classroom environment freely, engage with a rich array of didactic materials, and interact positively with their peers.  At Baishan, we believe strongly that an educated child is a joyful child who lives in peace with self and others. In this way, Montessori education is transformational education- it is the way to a peaceful world.