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Baishan school freshmen registration information registration

Welcome to Baishan school. Please fill in the student information blank according to your situation, so that we can arrange the meeting and consultation effectively.

  • 1. Student's name:

  • 2. Gender:

  • 3. ID number:

  • 4. Date of birth:

  • 5. Home address:

  • 6. The original school:

    Tip: As for kindergarten admission for the first time, please fill in the "newborn"

  • 7. Which departmentwill you apply for

  • 8. Will you take the entrance exam?

  • 9. Student’s growth experience:

    1. Specialty
    2. Whether to participate in any groups or clubs
    3. Interested activities
    4. Awards and honors
  • 10. Other issues you concern

  • 11. Parents’ contact information:

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