[Character Education]  

The fast paced competitive society and the “only child” tell us that the balance of early childhood education can no longer be limited to knowledge. Instead, we should pay attention to character-based integrated education and create an optimistic, self-confident, cooperative and persevering character. Children's healthy development of life lays on a solid foundation.


We make full use of the advantages of that the Kindergarten is attached to Baishan School, to develop a new curriculum. We focus on the early training of learning interests, learning habits, and ability to learn. We train the students from the basic knowledge, basic ability, and basic norms,to let them achieve a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school.

[Early reading] 

We grasp the sensitive period of children's language development, stimulate reading interest, play the game to learn the letters, and develop children's early independent reading ability.

[Children Etiquette Training] 

Children etiquette training courses are set up to cultivate children from childhood to develop civilized and elegant manners.


Parents are no longer just passive observers of kindergarten education, but also an active participant in shaping children's lives. The school informs parents in writing about the current status of kindergartens every week, and holds regular parent-teacher face-to-facemeetings.

[Parental Training] 

We invite domestic and overseas famous masters of children's education to train the parents from different perspectives on a regular basis, so as to help parents to establish a sound and healthy parent-child relationship.

Our Affiliations: Qingdao Amerasia International School BaiShan Montessori Teacher Education Institute Professional Committee of Basic Education of Private Educational Association in Shandong Province