Some suggestions on parent-children reading
Preschoolers often have a desire to read and listen repeatedly, and in repetitions, they are familiar with the words and sentences, meanwhile, repeatedly try to figure out the relationship between pictures and words while constantly deepening their understanding comprehension, and experience of the story’ssituation, emotion, and plot - the child's "enlightenment" thus is initiated. And these are not what teachers can do, with seem to be exquisitely speaking and leading in the classroom. In many cases, the child's "enlightenment" is the quiet "qualitative change" that occurs after repeated "quantitative changes."

In the process of reading with children, we would like to give you the following suggestions:

First, do not express any doubts about the price of a book, which has the similar price of adults’, but with several pages and a few hundred (a thousand) words. Think about it: the baby, who is just born, is sensitive to the clothing, food, and toys; And the quality of the first time reading books are more critical and strict, for the baby whose heart is still delicate. The picture book meets the children's demands and wishes of watching while listening, and at the same time, the highquality picture book nurtures the child's noble aesthetic taste and ability. Good books are often expensive in quality, and are worth the price of children worth having them in hand to read.

Second, good books should come with a good reading environment and background.Fixed schedule, quiet atmosphere and warm parent-child relationship ... ... often allow children to feel the attraction of reading activities itself. For the parent-child reading, the children do not only read the book, but also enjoy the reading environment and mood. Bookworm mother/fatherfoster bookworm children more easily. Similarly, a parent who is not thinking much of readingrequirementsmay consequently bring the child a not suitable reading attitude. For parent-children reading, doing is better than telling.

Third, standing on the shoulders of giants, we can stand taller, and see farther. For the parent-child reading, the giant is the experience that has been explored and refined from practice; there are a series of books on parent-child reading: "The Seed of Happiness," "Picture Book Reading and Classics," "Creating a Children's Reading Environment," "Reading Children Literary "," reading aloud manual "and so on; And there are also excellent websites for parent-child reading: a small study room, blue kangaroo paternity culture website, Sina parent-child reading forum and so on; and there are also some outstanding magazines for parent-child reading:" Oriental doll "," Oriental baby " and so on.

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