A Montessori Day in Lucky Clover Cottage

2017-11-08 Baishan School

After three weeks, 3-5 year old children, from the Lucky Clover Cottage, have come to school to begin their work.

After the children arrive to a warm greeting from the teachers, the children begin the 2.5-hours morning work period. In the Montessori classroom, they focus their attention to feel the size, weight, height and other various dimensions of the materials. The children also learn to develop eye-hand coordination and muscle memory.

In the practical life area, children learn to be independent, care for themselves, the environment and to share with others.

In the art area, the children develop the skills to create their own, unique artwork and to visualize the art design in their mind.

Here, the children learn math, culture, information about the whole world, and practice languages.

During lunchtime, the children sing about how to be thankful for what the earth has given them. We also celebrated our first birthday in the class, where they baked a cake, sang the happy birthday song in English. The parents, of the child with the birthday, and the other children joined the celebration.

What a wonderful Montessori day!

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