Campus Camp

Practice course of character shaping-- "Happy Growing Campus Camp" (Phase One)

One of the Baishan School Curriculum Series“Practice course of character shaping-- Happy Growing Campus Camp”aims to cultivate students' determination and qualities with independence, unity and mutual assistance, gratitude and dedication. The first phase of the sixth grade campus camp was held on October 16th, 2017. Students lived in school for a week and carried out a series of rich and interesting activities such as "Game Garden with Grand views", "Little ChefGod ", "Movie and Television Art Appreciation", "Star Exploration" etc. Students worked together to find solutions of variousencountereddifficulties and problems through team activities.

Through working and cooperating with each other, students made delicious dumplings. After the movie, the students were so deeply impressed by the movie characters that they communicated with each other and drew movie posters and exchanged their feelings. Otherwise the sunspots were also observed by students on the school campus. Under the guidance of the teacher, students not only learned how to put their belongings in order but also know how to pack the quilt quickly and well when they were at the dormitory in the evening. Students were deeply attracted by these interesting activities have, and learned vital knowledge and excellent qualitiesbeyond what is found intextbooks.

The "Happy Growing Campus Camp" will continue. Every student will experience the pleasant collective life. We are looking forward to it.

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