Students achieve the best when learning is carried out in the context of real-world learning and applications. Thus learning is not confined to the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Students are able to make vital connections among various disciplines and explore ways to integrate them. Ultimately the unity of knowledge and practice is achieved across the curriculum.

The Trans-disciplinary approach has distinct has advantages. On one hand, as the main body of learning, students construct meaning and develop their own understanding through organized and planned inquiry learning. On the other hand, from different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds, students explore and discuss issues through collective cooperation and discovery. The aim of Trans-disciplinary learning, which is student-oriented at every turn, is to enhance the comprehensive quality of student growth and skill developmentacross the board. Students are encouraged to think, explore and discover beyond the classroom, develop an expanded world view and participate in international cooperation and competition. It pays special attention to the development of students' ability to think, explore and debate.

Our curriculum is set up by six trans-disciplinary themes at the core, covering nine major disciplines in primary school—Chinese, Mathematics, English, Science, Society, Music, Arts, P.E and Electronic Information Technology. The trans-disciplinary curriculum of Baishan School is a system that enables students to think beyond the moment, with the driver of problems, with the process of freedom, cooperation, inquiry and creation, with the target of the development and employment of advanced, higher level cognitive skills.

Enter Baishan School, and you will find it laced with trans-disciplinary surroundings everywhere in its corridors and within its classrooms. The qualities of knowledge and skill acquisition and understanding are developed in the context of exploring relevant content. Hence, the trans-disciplinary curriculum provides students with a learning experience with enjoyment, relativity and challenges;and creates an invitational environment full of enlightenment and inspiration. It encourages students to grow into passionate, interested and compassionate lifelong learners, which enables them to understand the differences among people and to learn to dialectically respect the ideas of others.

Under the increasingly close international association, Baishan School advancesmutual understanding and tolerance among ethnic groups, countries and regions, and promotes harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature. The trans-disciplinary curriculum of Baishan School aims to cultivate students' recognition and development of the excellent Chinese culture. It develops student respect and understanding of basic culture spirits and traditions of other countries, ethnic groups and regions. Students obtain skills of social intercourse and friendly coexistence with other countries, ethnic groups and regions. Students explore the common values of all human beings. It aims to cultivate people for “International China" who are able to communicate, contribute and innovate throughout the world.

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