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Baishan School will provide safe, comfortable and efficient school bus service to every student and teacher in need. In order to make our service more consistent with your expectation, all parents, students and teachers should read relevant school bus service policies carefully, and cooperate with the school logistics department to complete related work in time.

School bus riding code of conduct:

On the school bus, all students must always follow the management of the school bus driver and administrator, sitting in the designated seat in accordance with the arrangement of the school bus administrator. While driving, students should sit in designated seats and fasten their seat belts. Do not walk around and change seats. Normally younger students sit in the front, while elder students sit in the back.

While driving, please keep your arms and head inside the bus. Students should not bring anything to eat. Please keep the car quiet, and shouting is prohibitive. Please keep the car clean, and do not leave any beverages, food packaging or other waste in the school bus. Do not throw any objects outside the bus while driving. Do not carry dangerous objects such as knives and combustible materials. Please take good care of the facilities in the bus. Do not damage safety devices, emergency devices or emergency exits.

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