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Our school provides students with safe, nutritious and abundant food, and we also refer to dietitian's advice and guidance to develop a periodic nutrition menu to ensure that all the carbohydrate, protein, fiber, vitamins and fat can maintain the various needs of human growth. In addition, we also provide nutritionally balanced vegetarian services for children with vegetarian needs.

As for the Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten meals, we select a package with Chinese and Western dishes specifically for students to choose a package with Chinese and Western styles, with recurrent different flavors adjustment every day. We aim not only to achieve the purpose of nutrition, but also make our children love food with happy meals every day.


1. Diet Planning: Please check our school's official website to gain the monthly updated menu details, and make plans in advance to avoid over-eating or excessive intake of fat at one time. In addition, a full understanding of the nutritional index knowledge of each food can contribute to the implementation and maintenance of health planning.

2. Developing a rich and healthy breakfast dining habit will ensure that you can keep good psychosis and physical strength in early morning and mid-morning and avoid over-eating at other times.

3. You must know the weight of a normal diet every day, pursue a more balanced meal, and avoid to eat hearty foods on the same day, such as fried foods, high-fat foods (such as hamburgers, sausages, spicy sausages), gravies, cream soups, condiments, cheese, butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, salad, cream cheese and desserts. You should avoid excessive drinking of soft drinks with high sugar, sports beverages and mixed juice. The choice of water, low fat milk and 100% pure fruit juice is much better for your health.

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