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Founded in 1993, Qingdao Baishan School is one of the earliest private education schools in Shandong Province and one of the earliest schools to receive the title of "Grade A" in ordinary private primary and secondary schools.

Baishan School aims at “cultivating international talents” and adheres to the education concept of “taking students as the center”. It pays attention to character cultivation and strives to make students become “knowledgeable, open-minded, explorative, willing to reflect, upright and courageous, loving, communicative, responsible and balanced development ”world's citizens.

Nearly 2000 students (including more than 400 international students) graduated from Baishan School in more than 20 years. And nearly 80% of the students go abroad except for studying at Beijing University, Tsinghua University, National People's Congress, Fudan University, Beijing Polytechnic University and Beijing Foreign Language University. Further studies, many of whom are students admitted to world famous universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, West Point and so on. Now that the first few students have emerged among their peers, they have become leaders in the field of international vision and innovation. Some of them have started their own business domestically and some have held positions in famous enterprises in the world. Some of them have been overseas and become Chinese Young talent; some hold senior positions and become leaders in specialized fields. The good foundation for the development of students laid by Baishan School is evidenced by the examples of successful studies and entrepreneurship, which was praised by the students and parents heartily.

“Qingdao Baishan School” is the main education institution under Baishan Education Group. The entities that belong to Baishan Education Group include “Qingdao Amerasia International School”, “Baishan Overseas Education Center (USA)”, “Qingdao BaiShan Montessori Teacher Education Institute”. Baishan School has a preschool department, a primary school department, a junior middle school department, a high school department and an international department. It not only has a complete basic education system, but also introduces international courses to design various development directions for students' academic paths.

Baishan School is located in Laoshan District, Qingdao prime location, surrounded by sea and hills. Its perfect facilities and international cultural diversity make Baishan a renowned brand in Qingdao.

Our Affiliations: Qingdao Amerasia International School BaiShan Montessori Teacher Education Institute Professional Committee of Basic Education of Private Educational Association in Shandong Province