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Principal: Qing Yu

Introduction of Principal:

Qing Yu, middle school senior teacher, is the director of Shandong Provincial Minority Commission, the expert of academic awards of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Education, the instructor of Qingdao Primary School Backbone Teachers Training Tutor Group and the lecture professor of Qingdao University.

Yu Qing has been working in education for many years. She has a rigorous professional attitude and pragmatic style of work. She undertakes a number of research tasks and publishes papers in state-level publications, and compiles and publishes books. At the same time, her innovative spirit led her always walk at the forefront of education philosophy and stand out in the field of education. She has won many honorary titles such as Advanced Individual in Experimental Teaching of Elementary Mathematics in Shandong Province, Excellent Researcher of Mathematics in Shandong Primary School, Advanced individuals of Professional Committee of Mathematics Teaching in Shandong Province, Outstanding Young teachers in Qingdao City, Teaching Experts in Qingdao, Advanced Educational Management in Qingdao.

She has served as researcher of Shi Nan District Education Center, vice principal of Qingdao Juyuan School, principal of Qingdao Jifute Literacy Training School etc.

Dear parents,


The great happiness of an educator is to have the opportunity to participate in a child's enlightenment process and accompanied him pass the most beautiful age. I am grateful for engaging in such a noble and challenging career with so many high-spirited children. In the effort, I experienced happiness; in the struggle, I gained success.

Every morning, innocent kindergarten children come into the campus with the footsteps of elder sisters and elder brothers, facing the sun and wandering in the ocean of knowledge and wisdom. At the end of each school year, senior students in high school are about to step out of the country, say good-bye to dear teachers and classmates and go toward a bright future.

No matter how time flies, the only thing that unchanged is the aim of BaiShan school: all for children!

In the foreseeable future of society, mechanical, repetitive mental work and even more complex analytical tasks will be replaced by machine intelligence. Baishan School is now devoting itself to educating people with international perspective and providing elementary and junior high school national basic education. It not only aims to cultivate international talents but also pays attention to character cultivation and strives to make students become knowledgeable, open-minded, explorative, willing to reflect, upright and courageous, kind, communicative, responsible and balanced development world's citizens. By constantly shaping these qualities, children will be given adequate ability and lasting enthusiasm to better achieve their value.

As a member of Baishan, we share a common belief that is watering life with life, activating wisdom with wisdom, awakening personality with personality and creating personality with personality!


                                                                                    Principal   Qing Yu

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